Denis Smirnov needs better goals

Denis Smirnov needs better goals

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Denis Smirnov needs better goals

Denis Smirnov is a 19 year old freshman at Penn State, who led all Freshman in scoring last year. When I say “he needs better goals” that’s not what I mean. He has some pretty good goals.

No, I take issue with his life goals.

I completely understand that Smirnov was drafted by Colorado, but it still hurts my soul to see this spelled out explicitly. There is still some hope for Smirnov though. It’s possible he wasn’t actually ever drafted.

“One of my best friends from Russia called me and FaceTimed (me),” Smirnov told on June 26. “He told me I got drafted, I thought he was kidding”

It turns out, his friend wasn’t kidding, so Smirnov is left with the Avalanche in his near future. Spend as much time in college as possible, Denis.

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