Gang Green TV: The Final Episode

Gang Green TV: The Final Episode

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Gang Green TV: The Final Episode

Blogging is a passion. No one ever gets rich off of it, no matter how many delusional ideas we harbor. It’s not the launching pad so many of us hope it would be. For a great many bloggers, writing and recording content is simply additional work we make for ourselves because our passions demand it.

Unfortunately, that means there is, very often, an expiration date on it for most of us. We grow up, get married, have kids. Like there is only so much water in a glass, there are only 24 hours in day. When the glass is empty, it’s empty. There are no refills. There is only one June 30, 2017.

So with that I present the final episode of a decade’s worth of programming from The Gang.

Gang Green TV has been a part of the Celtics landscape for a decade now. David Houghton, Kurt Erickson, Adam Grover, Mike Delia, Jay Gaglione, Andrew “Stats” Roach, and Nick Passaroand and many others over the years got together in a public TV studio on the north shore of Massachusetts over and over again to do a little show talking about the team they loved. It’s been a lot of fun watching them over the years… and even more fun getting to know these guys.

It’s sad for me to see this show go away because it’s been around, in some form, for so long. I’m honored, though to have been their final guest (though I don’t think we’ve really seen the last of them).

So thank you to the The Gang for all the hard work and fun shows over the years. You can still follow them on Twitter if you’d like.

Enjoy the show!

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