Klay Thompson signs 10-year extension with Anta

Klay Thompson signs 10-year extension with Anta


Klay Thompson signs 10-year extension with Anta

It has been a very eventful trip to China for Golden State Warriors star Klay Thompson thus far. Last week his missed 360 dunk attempt made the news and within the past few days Thompson’s dance moves have been on full display.

Perhaps the most significant event for Thompson in China is signing a new extension with Anta, reportedly worth $80 million over 10 years. Anta, a brand based in China, signed Thompson as one of their leading endorsers in 2014.
Over the last 3 years, Thompson has developed into one of the top stars in the NBA, playing a crucial role in the Warriors becoming the best team in the league.

“Winning not only has put me in a different light how people view me as a player, but it’s elevated my brand so much,” Thompson told Nick DePaula in an exclusive interview.

This extension illustrates how successful this partnership has been for both sides. Klay received his own signature shoe and the attention that he may not have received from other brands. Anta received a rising star just as he was entering his prime.

“Knowing that these guys got my back and they want me to be a lifer, that’s special,” Thompson told DePaula. “Not a lot of guys sign shoe deals like this. I’m very, very happy to be with Anta.”

Thompson’s third signature shoe, the KT3, is expected to release right before the beginning of next season.

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