Thibs, I...I want Ricky Rubio back!

Thibs, I...I want Ricky Rubio back!


Thibs, I...I want Ricky Rubio back!

Dear Thibs,

I was on Twitter this afternoon, eating my sandwich and scrolling my feed when I saw this:

I immediately retweeted my stance on Ricky Rubio:

I could not believe what I was reading…

I started paying closer attention to the Rubio rumors, and I began to cringe…

Tell me this is fake news…I…just tell me, Thibs..

And then Chris Long affirms the trade:

And my face…I mean my face…just…

It just…:

It just….sigh!!!

I didn’t want to want to believe it. I really didn’t…

How can you, Thibs…how can you. How can you trade Ricky Rubio, a fan favorite, to the Utah Jazz?!

Ah my….ahhhh!!!! What a nightmare…!!

I couldn’t stomach the loss of Ricky Rubio. He’s really gone now….

I couldn’t even tweet anymore… It feels like someone in my immediate family passed away…

I…sigh….I just…

I love Ricky Rubio!!! We traded him for nothing, it feels like…

I mean, I can’t even put a name to the draft pick we acquired (that belonged to the Thunder).

Who did we just trade for?

Who did we just trade for?

WHO is the question! I KNOW who the Utah Jazz got, but who did we get??



I love you Thibs—I trust you—but I’m DEVASTATED!!

I’m sure there’s a logical explanation. Fans tried to explain it to me:

I get it. I can process the logic, and if I was in their state of mind, I would have drawn that conclusion too….but my mind, Thibs….it refuses to process the trade!

I’m in shock. I’m devastated…I want him back…

I want him back….I want Ricky Rubio back!!



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