Kirk Cousins, the choker

Kirk Cousins, the choker


Kirk Cousins, the choker

I’m starting to root for Nate Sudfeld hard.

I’m starting to hate Kirk Cousins and his smug manner of making way too much money.  He’s a bigger choker than Tony Romo – just watch when Reed or Jackson wasn’t on the field.  Or a playoff game. Or a virtual playoff game.  Or a team with a good run defense. He chokes.

He’s choking negotiations not as far as getting big money, but he is NOT a team player and it is showing.  The NFL is a fan sport and when you act like a cocky jerk over a salary that is more than 99.9% of NFL fans will make in their lifetimes, it’s called choking.  (Mental note – if I make over $20 million in a public facing job – hire a PR advisor ASAP).

I also think these astronomical QB salaries are a mistake.  I’ll take an invincible defense and O line instead.  Did the Redskins ever win a Super Bowl with a top QB?

I think Tom Brady is the exception for QBs worth the high price and even he took a salary cut.  Perhaps Rogers too, but look what happened there when they lost their defensive depth.

All the big QB contracts were for one or two hit wonders – Wilson, Eli Manning, Flacco, perhaps even Brees. etc.

Bottom line – Kirk Cousins doesn’t care about Redskins fans, doesn’t have a sense of the team, and he will never win a Super Bowl – book it – as he still chokes when it counts.

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