Sox Beat Rangers for Bring Win Streak to 6!

Sox Beat Rangers for Bring Win Streak to 6!


Sox Beat Rangers for Bring Win Streak to 6!

The Red Sox came into this game with a 5 game winning streak and were looking to stretch it to six.   The Sox had David Price on the mound vs. Yu Darvish for the Rangers.   Price had himself a really nice outing and got plenty of run support from the Sox bats.   Price left the game in the 7th when it seemed like either a blister or his cracked finger nail was bothering him again.   The Rangers hit a couple of homers against the Sox bullpen, but the Sox still easily coasted to victory.

The Sox got to scoring pretty early in the game when they scored 2 runs off of Darvish in the 2nd inning.   Benintendi hit an RBI single and then Lin hit an RBI single of his own.  Sox 2-0.  The Sox got back at it in the 4th when they scored two more runs off of Darvish.  Vazquez and Lin both hit RBI singles to have the Sox up 4-0.   The Sox chased Darvish from the game in the 5th when Benintendi hit a 3 run homer to have the Sox up 7-0.   The Sox kept right after it with the Rangers bullpen.  Benintendi hit an RBI single in the 6th and then Pedroia hit an RBI single of his own in the 7th.   Sox 9-0.

Price seemed to be totally cruising through the Rangers lineup.   He took the mound in the 7th, but Farrell and the trainer came out to see him after he walked Chirinos to begin the inning.   It looked like there was another issue with Price’s finger and he was done for the night.   Price looked spectacular on the mound though and that kind of ace we thought we were getting when we signed him.   Blaine Boyer came out in the 7th and pitched a scoreless frame to keep the Rangers off the board.   The Sox offense kept going in the 8th when Benintendi and Bradley hit back to back homers.   Sox 11-0.  Boyer came back out for the bottom of the 8th.   Boyer struck out the side, but sandwiched in the middle was a 3 run homer to Mike Napoli.   Sox 11-3.  Robby Scott came out for the 9th to finish the game off.   Scott gave up a lead off homer to Deshields to give the Rangers their 4th and final run of the night.  Sox 11-4.   The Sox have now won 6 games in a row and with a Yankees loss, they are 4 games up in the AL East.

Red Sox 11 Rangers 4  BOXSCORE

WP: Price Price (4-2)  LP: Darvish (6-7)

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