Uh Hey Pensblog Readers, There's A New Blogger In Tahn

Uh Hey Pensblog Readers, There's A New Blogger In Tahn


Uh Hey Pensblog Readers, There's A New Blogger In Tahn

Sup, Pensblog nation? Not sure if that’s a thing, but I think I just made it one.

Anyways, unless you were doing better things over the long holiday weekend like eating processed meats, blowing up explosives (hopefully you didn’t pull a JPP), and enjoying a few cold ones, you may have heard that the Pensblog acquired some hot new talent recently (hint: it’s me).

Well, I have to say, it’s pretty weird how this all worked out. One day I go from eviscerating our local weatherman Jeff Veryzszsyllalla for being a fuckhead to Predators fans on twitter to Rich Miller sliding into my DMs asking me if I wanted to write for the Pensblog the next. As an avid reader since 2008, I wasn’t gonna turn this opportunity down.

And let me say, boy am I enjoying the perks of being an official “Pensblogger” thus far. I quickly went from approximately 13 twitter followers on Monday afternoon to like 240 in a matter of hours. I’m basically famous now. And like all good things that come with fame, there are a few bad things as well. For instance, today I had a tough time walking downtown on Smithfield Street without people bothering me every 20 feet (they may or may not have been bums, but who’s really keeping track?). But I’ll promise you guys this – I’m not gonna let this newfound fame get to my head. I’m still going to be humble Peep that blogged his dick off before anybody knew who I was before attaining the new title. You know, like the one that had the pleasure of delivering 40-yard tight spirals to NFL athletes the other day:

I’m not going to change one bit.

I’m not totally sure what my role’s going to develop into here, but there won’t be a ton of fancy stats. More or less, you’ll probably be getting blogs about topics such as when Nick Bonino ended some dude’s life on twitter after becoming a Predator, that time Olli Maatta had a really good time at the Pens Stanley Cup parade, and a whole bunch of other stuff mixed in between. You know, handmade quality shit we’re talking here.


I’m looking forward to getting to work, so I hope you all are ready to read (on a side note, that sounded horrible). And oh yeah, if you’d like to follow me on twitter, you can do so here: @PeepsBurgh. Talk soon, Pensblog nation.

P.S. – Shoutout to Mrs. Geno for looking fire on the Gram yesterday.

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