Thibs is echoing a talking point on backup players

Thibs is echoing a talking point on backup players


Thibs is echoing a talking point on backup players

Dear Timberwolves fans,

You’ve seen this headline in the last 24 hours:

And this one:

It sounds like news, right? Like it’s brand new insight from Thibs.

I know when you read new quotes from Thibs, you tend to think you’re getting new information.

(That’s the assumption, right?)

Especially when it’s quotes on publications that’s closely connected to the Timberwolves organization.

I hate to disappoint you, Timberwolves fans, but considering what you know about Thibs—he’s a secretive guy—you’re hearing the same thing that’s being echoed again, and again.


Thib’s comments are merely talking points that’s (finally) getting traction in the media landscape.

Why then is the real question. Let me say that again, why is the media suddenly paying attention to his talking point on backup shooters?

Besides the fact that they need to report on the Timberwolves, the reason becomes clear when you put together the timeline.

Here’s what Thibs said prior to retooling the roster:

(Think about it: wing players = wing defense; shooting = third point guard)

(Different words, same meaning)

Alright, moving on. Here’s what happened after that quote.

One, Thibs traded for Jimmy Butler.


Two, Thibs signed Jeff Teague


Three, Thibs entertained offers for C.J. Miles and persuaded Jamal Crawford to join us.

What do you notice about these players? They can all shoot.

In other words, Thibs remade the Timberwolves roster with bigs and smalls that could shoot.

(Which is great, by the way)

So when the Timberwolves media interviews Thibs…

…a day before the highly anticipated press conference introducing Jeff Teague…

..a day where the Timberwolves need four more players to complete their roster…

…Could you begin to see what I see?

If not, let me tell you: Thib’s quotes are his talking points on players coming off the bench. And they’re getting attention, more than usual, because of the recent series of acquisitions (which is my point).

Here’s the bigger question for Thibs, and the question you should care about if you care about the direction of this franchise.

What value will these backups bring to the Timberwolves, once Thibs signs them?

Clearly, I could see Jamal Crawford, Taj Gibson, Tyus Jones and Justin Patton getting most of the minutes off the bench.

So what does it mean to be one of the last four players on this roster?

That, I am not so sure.

If I had to make a prediction, these backup players would be what Brandon Rush, Cole Aldrich and Jordan Hill were to us last year.

They’re (for the most part) benchwarmers who will be underutilized.

At the same time, does the amplified media attention on Thibs talking point invalidate the substance of his message?

No it does not, but it makes you wonder more of the same: who will Thibs fill the last four spots on the roster with?

Will these potential signees bring value that will improve the team’s winning chances for the upcoming season?

What roles will these backups play when the Timberwolves make the playoffs?

Maybe that’s the genius behind Thib’s talking points: to get you, the fans and media alike, to think of the same scenarios and to ask the same questions over, and over, again.

Regardless, I felt like the Timberwolves media could have asked more follow-up questions—like the ones above—whenever Thibs shared his talking points.

If only they did…

Thib’s responses—and his reactions—would’ve been fascinating!


Go Timberwolves! Get your howl on.

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