Joe Buck’s Experience with a “Magical” Pot Brownie

Joe Buck’s Experience with a “Magical” Pot Brownie

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Joe Buck’s Experience with a “Magical” Pot Brownie

It was the great philosopher Harvey Dent who once said “you either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain”.

For Joe Buck…it’s the opposite.

The announcer has, for the longest time, been the bane of existence for many sports fans. But, recently, he seems to be winning people over.

First, it was his spectacular turn on IFC’s “Brockmire” (which if you haven’t watched…it is spectacular) and now, it’s his revelation that he unwittingly passed out due to a “magical” pot brownie.

Monday, during an interview with Dan Le Batard, the longtime voice of FOX Sports he continued a story he started in December while talking with Conan O’Brien.

“It was 2011, I had a paralyzed vocal cord from a bad hair plug operation…I’m going through a divorce (and) I go down to Cabo to a place I have down there to try and relax,” Buck said. “Within eight minutes, I’m on the driving range drunk on Tequila. I need to relax. I’ve never smoked pot. I’ve never eaten pot. I said, ‘I need to try this’. I ate a brownie at a dinner in Cabo and got no reaction.”

Suffice it to say, Buck ended up getting a reaction and hilarity ensued.

You can listen to the entire interview below.


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