NBA: Is Lebron James coming to Los Angeles?

Lebron james free agency

NBA: Is Lebron James coming to Los Angeles?


NBA: Is Lebron James coming to Los Angeles?

Another Lebron James to Los Angeles rumor popped up this week. Now, Bill Simmons talked about the King coming to L.A. He pens several reasons why the move makes sense.

Previously, multiple reports said that LeBron would leave Cleveland for Los Angeles via Free Agency in 2018. Then, another report said James would never consider the Clippers. Thus, the Lakers are the favorite for the LeBron sweepstakes.


Why would Lebron James come to Los Angeles?

First, he delivered on his promise to bring a championship to the Lakers. As far as Simmons and other experts are concerned, James is square with Ohio.

Then, there’s the tired argument. Los Angeles is the second largest market. It is widely believed that James would leverage this market to his off-court career. Much like Kobe Bryant and Magic Johnson, James wants to be a billionaire and mogul. Plus, James has a house at here – I know we’ve heard that one before.

Further, Lakers GM Rob Pelinka is a former sports agent. It is believed that James could start his own agency once he retires. Pelinka can assist with that.

Simmons adds another layer into the Lebron to L.A. theory. He believes that John Wall, DeMarcus Cousins and Paul George could join James on the Lakers. The Purple and Gold have hoarded cap space over the past few seasons in hopes of landing some top talent. Now, they have the last two No. 2 picks Lonzo Ball and Brandon Ingram to attract a veteran free agent. Added, James or George may help them get the Kentucky alumni, Wall and Cousins, to join them in L.A.


On the other hand, James to the Lakers is far from a foregone conclusion. The Lakers would have to move some players to accommodate four max free agents. Getting James to buy into the Lakers is hard enough.

Not to mention, James would have to sacrifice a ton of cash to go to the Lakers. Sure, James has been willing to make pay sacrifices for the better of the team. That doesn’t mean he will do that next season, especially because this could be his last contract.

Lastly, why would LeBron leave the Eastern Conference? James has basically played his entire career in the Eastern Conference. He’s basically had cake walks to the NBA Finals. Why leave that for the juggernaut Western Conference? It doesn’t seem to get any easier barring a major free agency move or trade before next offseason.

Do you think LeBron James comes to the Lakers?

Guess we will find out next year.

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