Bill Simmons wild theory: LeBron, PG, John Wall and Boogie in LA

Bill Simmons wild theory: LeBron, PG, John Wall and Boogie in LA

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Bill Simmons wild theory: LeBron, PG, John Wall and Boogie in LA

This reeks of someone fighting for page views and relevancy but since it’s coming from Bill Simmons, I’ll go ahead and share:

“What if I told you that 12 months from now, LeBron James, Paul George, John Wall, and Boogie Cousins will all be on the Los Angeles Lakers together?” he says. “Conspiracy Bill has some things that he doesn’t like about what’s going on. I think the LeBron James–[to]-L.A. [story], he hasn’t come out and denied it. Everyone’s talking about it in the league, it became public last month. He knows they’re talking about it and hasn’t said anything. Hasn’t said, ‘This is ridiculous. I’m so tired of hearing this. I want to finish my career in Cleveland.’”

“Here’s the interesting part,” Simmons says. “So, John Wall, represented by Klutch — Rich Paul — LeBron’s buddy. LeBron, it’s pretty clear he either owns Klutch or funded it or has a stake in it. You could have John Wall and LeBron. Paul George is going to the Lakers anyway. I mean, that’s not even a secret anymore. It’s just like, they might as well start selling his jersey. And I always thought John Wall and Boogie are a team.”

“Maybe like $96 million [in space] for the four guys,” Simmons says. “LeBron takes less. LeBron takes $20 because they secretly promise him 2 percent of the team after he retires. He’ll make up the money. $20 million, so he leaves, let’s say, $75 million for the other three. They split it up, $25 million a piece. And the 2018 Lakers — John Wall, LeBron, Paul George, Brandon Ingram, Boogie, and Lonzo off the bench. That’s something.”

If players are willing to take decent pay cuts than these mega super-teams are possible.

I’d love to see this. Let’s take two more great players out of East and make the West even nastier.

This team also has the potential to be a simmering pot of sh*t stew.

Magic? LAPD are on line 1, they need your statement regarding the assault charges filed by Lavar Ball against Boogie Cousins.  

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