The Cubs Took The All-Star Game Break To Win The Division

The Cubs Took The All-Star Game Break To Win The Division


The Cubs Took The All-Star Game Break To Win The Division

The adjustment from bully to bullied isn’t easy.

Here we are though. Stuffed in a locker, freshly separated from our lunch money, waiting for the 3p bell for some sweet relief.

I could be wrong about this, but I get the feeling that there are some Cardinals fans that don’t think the Cubs trading for Jose Quintana is a terribly big deal. I’m here to deliver a very sobering reality…

This is bad news. Real bad.

Since Quintana has spent his entire MLB career with the White Sox, you probably don’t know much about him.

Let’s change that.

Bottom line? Dude turns out quality start after quality start.

When you’re on a team like White Sox, quality starts often turn into forgettable L’s when the bullpen takes over. But churning out 7 innings and 3 runs playing for the Cubs? That offense is going to reward you much more often.

Quintana was the best pitcher that was/will be on the trading block in 2017 and the Cubs got him before most people even knew that the Sox had opened the window for serious negotiation.

The Cubs needed a spark; they received a lightning bolt.  Score another point for Theo and Jed.

Here are things about this trade:

  1. It gives the Cubs a reliable innings eater in their rotation + plugs a huge hole
  2. He is under contract for 3 more years after 2017 for 30.8M… total
  3. The Cubs surrender the #5 prospect in MiLB and another prospect in the 90’s
  4. Somehow, the Cubs STILL have a top 100 prospect in their system
  5. Quintana seems to be a teammate that teammates miss when he’s not there

The only solace non-Cubs fans can take in this move is that Quintana has no track record when it comes to meaningful MLB games.

  • 2013: Sox finish 30 games out of 1st
  • 2014: Sox finish 17 games out of 1st
  • 2015: Sox finish 19 games out of 1st
  • 2016: Sox finish 16.5 games out of 1st

It’s not much; it’s not nothing.

Oh, and if you’re hanging your hat on his baseball card stats this season as a reason this isn’t huge news, per Bernie:

Quintana’s ERA is 2.70 over his last seven starts; he’s averaged 10.13 strikeouts per nine innings during this stretch, and has held opponents to a .622 OPS.

Bottom line?

While the Cardinals are over here talking about making moves, the Cubs made moves.

And in the process probably took down the NL Central.

Photo: USA Today

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