Don't Miss Out on the Aventus ICO

Don't Miss Out on the Aventus ICO

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Don't Miss Out on the Aventus ICO

If you know anything about companies, the stock market, and investing, you’ve probably heard of the term “IPO”. These initial public offerings give the public their first opportunity to purchase stock in a company, and when that company happens to be one like Google or Facebook, getting in on this new public ground floor can be a huge opportunity to see big returns.

In 2017, the newest trend in investing is the “ICO” or initial coin offering.  Unlike an IPO which issues stocks, participants in ICO’s receive cryptocurrency for supporting new blockchain startups during their seed round.   Companies have raised hundreds of millions of dollars through ICO’s this summer and this fundraising format is poised to potentially disrupt traditional methods of funding such as venture capital.

Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum have been all over the news lately due to their pricing surge in June. Part of this price boom has been directly linked to people scooping up Ether to participate in ICO’s.  With the stock market generating only small percentage returns, many people have found cryptocurrency to be an investment method that can yield significant returns.  In fact, many people who have participated in ICO’s have been able to then sell their coins for multiples higher once the currency is traded on the major cryptocurrency markets.

This week, the hot ICO going live is Aventus , which launches on July 19thThis startup is looking to disrupt the ticketing marketplace using blockchain technology.   Their ticking solution aims to eliminate counterfeit tickets and unregulated ticket scalping/touting and will have a major impact on the way that we purchase tickets for sporting and music events.  The ICO will run for 5 days until July 24th, 2017 with the goal of raising $15,000,000.00 USD.  10,000,000 AventCoins (AVT) will be minted post ICO with 60% of AVT being distributed in the ICO.  

Aventus is proposing a technologically advanced solution to the ticket marketplace that has tremenedous benefit for both ticket sellers and purchasers.   If you are interested in participating in the ICO and supporting Aventus’ game-changing solution in the event ticketing space, you can visit this link to find out more details on the Aventus ICO sale.

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