Making it to the CFC100: The Odds of Entering the Top Prospects List

Making it to the CFC100: The Odds of Entering the Top Prospects List


Making it to the CFC100: The Odds of Entering the Top Prospects List


Football is one of the most popular games in Canada, together with Ice Hockey and basketball. It’s because of this that more and more people are becoming fans of the game. The result? A more competitive gaming arena where football players do the best of what they can to discover their true potential.

Canada Football Chat or more commonly known as CFC does just that as it remains to be the leading news provider when it comes to high school football news. Aside from informing the public about the latest rankings and events about the sport, it also serves as a means for pro league teams to discover potential talents.

CFC has become a place where talent scouts can search for the best players, teams, and coaches that they can work with at the national level. Being the number one source for high school football news, the organization has come up with the CFC100 a list of the top 100 player prospects in high school football throughout Canada.

But how can one manage to make it to the top prospects list?

Top Criteria to Make it to the CFC100 List

1. Performance

The very first thing that CFC considers when choosing players for its CFC100 is the performance. This is the one thing which sets these prospects apart from the other football players. The number of in-game statistics such as the number of majors and carries made, as well as the yard coverage, are just a few of the things which show one’s performance potential.

Since the CFC100 was first launched in 2014, the performance standard has consistently been increasing. The current player who made it to the No. 1 spot is Chubba Hubbard who rushed 2,534 yards, scored 30 majors, and had 135 carries. While the one in the No. 2 rank is Luigi Vilain, who managed to hit the 30-plateau mark.

2. Reputation

CFC has over 40 news correspondents throughout Canada that continue to endlessly search for reports and news concerning the top high school football players. It’s through this that CFC learns the reality of what’s happening on the ground.

Its correspondents do interviews with people who are close friends with the prospect player or perhaps watch the games themselves and see how the crowd reacts. This way, CFC learns more about the inner workings of that specific player just like what they’re best known for, what their personality is, and how they react to game outcomes.

Take for example Joshua Palmer and Terrel Jana who are the favorites in Ontario and British Columbia respectively, because of their excellent work ethics. The two players are also in the No. 4 and No. 5 spot in the CFC100.

3. Vital Statistics

The saying that “Champions aren’t made, they’re born,” is not always true. There are some people who are naturally gifted with superior physical traits that make them great athletes when they grow older. A perfect example for this is 6’4 Luigi Vilain who is currently on CFC100’s No. 2 spot, and 6’5 Justin Sambu who is in the No. 7 spot.

Players who are gifted in height are also the ones who are most likely going to be included in the list. It’s because being tall is advantageous in football because you can run faster and cover a larger area quicker. The two players also weigh more than 240 pounds, which is ideal for bumping on opponents and securing the ball. The heavier the player is, the better.

Where to Place Your Bets?

There is more than a 50% chance that the CFC100 top prospects are going to be drafted by the NFL. With this, it makes perfect sense for you to bet on the players when they turn pro eventually. You can check out some Football betting offers from Canadian bookmakers to see the full list of odds and corresponding statistics for each player and team.

Bettors have the freedom to either bet on single or multiple NFL games. There are a number of betting options to choose from, such as Over/Under, Moneyline, and Points Spread.

If you want to take on higher stakes, you can bet on the entire NFL season or perhaps the Divisional, Conference, and the Super Bowl. These are called “futures” bets. It’s recommended that you prefer these over the regular ones because they are based on the team and player’s previous performance. This means you don’t have to worry about the constant odds changes.

Each football match also has a favorite pick and an underdog. Picking the favorite will require you to bet a higher sum of money, compared to if you would choose the underdog. An example of this is betting C$150 on the favorite and winning only C$100. But if you’d choose the underdog, you only have to bet C$100, and if that team wins, you’ll get C$150 in return.

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