7/19/17: The Best Timberwolves Tweet goes to...!

7/19/17: The Best Timberwolves Tweet goes to...!

Howlin' T-Wolf Segments

7/19/17: The Best Timberwolves Tweet goes to...!

Dear Timberwolves fans,

There’s a lot of Timberwolves chatter on Twitter, of course, but there are tweets, here and there, from fans, the blogosphere, the media and the like, that stay with you—the ones where you smile randomly and you don’t know why.

Well, I have plenty of those moments…so you know what, I’m going to create a new segment where I cherry-pick the best tweet on the Timberwolves.

I’ll do one every other day (unless I tell you otherwise).


Why I love this tweet: 

It assumes Thibs will be the President of Basketball Operations for a long, long time.

Not just anywhere.


Here with the Timberwolves!

That would be the best case scenario.

I have a feeling it will happen.

Just ask Mr. Taylor:

Why should you care:

By hiring Thibs, and giving him the keys to the basketball operation, Mr. Taylor gave him the autonomy to do as he please.

He trusts Thibs just like he did with Mr. Kahn.

Here’s the difference between the two gentlemen: Thibs has a proven record of success wherever he goes.

How so? Thibs is a student of the game, according to Jimmy Butler, studying it every single night:

“That’s my guy. He’s just always studying the game and ways in which he can improve as a coach. Obviously the guy wants to win so he’s studying everybody else. I think he expects you to be the same way. Maybe get a little bit more sleep than he gets. But you gotta study, you gotta wanna be great at your craft, and have a willingness to sacrifice things to be that. And whenever you do that, and he’s seeing you doing it that’s when you get the respect of that man. He’s not giving you anything. I would know. I did not play my first couple of years in the league. But I was always working and eventually, I got my shot.”

If you don’t have a reason to love Thibs, you do now.

That’s why you should care about this tweet.

Thibs loves basketball and is eager to win it all here in Minnesota.

We’re very fortunate to have him.


Go Timberwolves! Get your howl on.

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