Eagles smart fan leader Brizer is lurking around training camp again

Eagles smart fan leader Brizer is lurking around training camp again


Eagles smart fan leader Brizer is lurking around training camp again

Just in time for the opening of Eagles Training Camp, GK Brizer SPEAKS!!!

“An open brief (NH) to the BORED from BRIZER: One day,..and that day may never come,..”I’ll be back.” ( to rescue and reinstate competency to this forum, after having suffered thru some of the most dreadful posts ever seented on planet EARF)…..Go EAGLES!!!   YWIA…”

It’s good to hear from our fearless leader once again, especially as yet another season officially begins. It makes me think of some of the things Brizer has said over the years which were meant to educate and entertain us, but in fact could be useful for the actual players in camp to hear as well.

Things like:

“Missing tackles…being blocked out of position…missing opportunities on the field…transcend any arguments regarding ‘system’ play…The game of football is still the Basics: run, pass, catch, block, tackle and kick well…Any great player (with superior technique) can override a scheme…”

“Growing up in the sixties,…you wanted to be a soldier, a cowboy,..or the President. Then came Viet Nam and Kennedy was shot. By default,..the choice was obvious and by natural progression the saddles were traded in for pigskins…”


“I used to listen to the fights on the radio,..guvna’!…..and friday nites were reserved for B&W TV,…with pizza and,…chocolate milk!!!..my pop would have to wait,.about an hour at the parlor/bar for our pie,..no telephone orders!,….the good ol’ days. “

“Conceptually,….you win as a team and die as one,…you gots 3 units + coaches,..who are pragmatically, unit members,..there’s no blame in football,..just don’t ask Trotter that!,..and no throwin’ anybody under da bus,..or i’ll take yur f*****’ head!,…I didn’t think there’d be any questions……GK. “


“Don Pardo,..put this behind door #3. Last year I repeated a meticulously orchestrated task of selecting a representative game of RZ failures for the purpose of determining cause. Again,..and I recall there were 6 trips in this game,..ALL failures were due to poor execution or rarely ref error or FG miss. As with RZ D,…..success is 80% player,..20% coach,..Pareto principle.”
“..philly cheesesteaks are overrated!..I’ll take the fresh pasta/veal dish in south philly any day! “
“JB,…pack yur bags,..the big yellow taxi is onda way,..complete with strait jacket….yur goin’ to da ‘shed (agin)….i won’t go into all of that,”…for now,…..bird…from the honorary ‘husker! “ “ATV,…you still don’t get JB,…my all terrain vehicle comrade!!!……although he’s prone to hyperbole,..what he’s doin’ is giving us possibilities..all cannot be listed,..genius,….while you’re playing Checkers,..the Sage is not only playing the thinking man’s game ,..Chess,..but also playin’ with yur mind,..yes,..successfully…perk up!!! “ 
Trust me—you may have to swallow your false pride sometimes to get the true meaning of “perking up” to Brizer’s standards— but it’s an honorable exercise. Older PE.com readers who have followed “On The Inside” over the years understand the honest truth inherent in Brizer’s takes…those takes helped bring audience rating highs to the PE.com site as well as to the older Bloguin format of this site—yes, in large part because of Brizer’s impact.
Most of you will remember Brizer as the Chairman of the Bored at the original PE.com “On The Inside” column going back to the Eagles’ Reid-McNabb Super Bowl appearance/contender era. Brizer was the voice of the Super-Fan in Philly. Together with former Nebraska/Stephen F. Austin fullback Jerome “JB99″ Brown, Brizer schooled and treated wide-eyed Eagles fans with heavy doses of true football knowledge. If you were there at the time, it was like being an extra on the set of the “Dead Poets Society”… or “The Paper Chase”. Sometimes great teachers have to piss you off to get you motivated to really learn.

I think a poster named Mr. Nobody said it best when, on October 18, 2009, at 11:01 in the morning, he posted this tribute:

“Why is everyone picking on Brizer? I love reading his posts. He makes me feel like Jethro talking to Miss Hathaway. I need a dictionary and an interpreter, but I am better because of it. Bird Up! “

You can’t make dishes up.

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