The Price is Wrong As Sox Fall to Angels

The Price is Wrong As Sox Fall to Angels

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The Price is Wrong As Sox Fall to Angels

The Sox came into the game last night looking for a win to take the series.  The Sox had David Price on the mound vs. JC Ramirez for the Angels.   Price has pitched well his last few times out, but he’d struggle last night.   Price also wasn’t helped with some defensive errors behind him.   In the end, the Sox just weren’t able to get the job done and the Angels won with ease.

The Sox were able to get on the scoreboard first when they scored a single run in the top of the 1st.   Hanley Ramirez hit an RBI single to score Benintendi from second.  Sox 1-0.  The Sox grabbed two more runs in the 2nd when Betts hit an RBI double and then Benintendi hit an RBI single.   Sox 3-0.  The Sox seemed in the driver’s seat early, but that would all come to an end by the end of the 3rd inning.

The Angels would end up scoring 4 runs and taking the lead in the 3rd inning.   Pujols hit a 2 run RBI double and then Simmons hit a 2 run homer to have the Angels up 4-3.  Bogaerts made an error in the 4th that wouldn’t end up hurting the Sox, but the same couldn’t be said in the 5th inning.  Price would give up an RBI single to Simmons in the 5th to have the Angels up by 2 and then the Angels would end up getting another run with a second error from Bogaerts.   Sox 3-6.  Price was done after 5 innings.   He gave up too many runs and threw way too many pitches.   All in all, clearly not his best outing.

Heath Hembree came out for the 6th inning and he ended up allowing the Angels to continue to pad their lead.  He gave up an RBI single to Trout to have the Angels leading 7-3.  Ben Taylor came out and pitched two scoreless innings to finish the game out, but when the Sox offense stopped scoring runs by the end of the 2nd inning, there wasn’t much that could be done.   Lucky for the Sox that every other team in the AL East also lost last night, so they didn’t lose any ground in the division.

Red Sox 3  Angels 7  BOXSCORE

WP: Ramirez (9-8)  LP: Price (5-3)

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