It Should Rain Harder On Sundays

It Should Rain Harder On Sundays


It Should Rain Harder On Sundays

Give it to the Mets: They tried to get a game rained out for a drizzle. Who could blame them? They haven’t won on a Sunday since 1988, so they delayed Sunday’s game for an hour for what was, at least in my close-by neightborhood, a sprinkle. Then Terry Collins poured water on himself and pretended he was drowning just so that he wouldn’t have to see Rafael Montero pitch on a Sunday. But nobody bought it.

Seriously, Montero wasn’t terrible on Sunday, going seven innings and giving up seven hits and a walk with four strikeouts. (In fact, Montero had a 3.20 ERA in his last 25 innings going into this game, so he hasn’t been terrible in a few weeks.) It was amazing that he went seven innings as he started the game by going to full counts on five of the first ten batters he faced, and yet he polished off seven in 99 pitches. The only problems were the three solo home runs that he gave up to Marcus Semien, Khris Davis, and Matt Chapman. That was all the Athletics needed as they edged the Mets 3-2. Daniel Gossett gave up two runs in six innings, and the Mets could barely touch the A’s bullpen.

The Mets have left for San Diego and Seattle. Some of them will not return home. And if you’re thinking that the Mets will take advantage of an easy schedule, consider that this franchise is 17-30 since 2003 in San Diego against mostly subpar Padres teams. The last time they won a series in San Diego was a 3-1 record in 2002. This week promises to be ugly for many reasons.

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