Spooner, Bruins In Arbitration

Spooner, Bruins In Arbitration


Spooner, Bruins In Arbitration

Elliote Friendman tweeted this out earlier today:

The Bruins and restricted free agent Ryan Spooner are currently in the throws of arbitration. When Friedman dropped this number, a lot of fans were surprised that Spooner would ask for such a large amount given how both Cassidy’s staff and Julien’s staff didn’t seem to like him.

A player’s purpose while playing is to get as much money as possible. When it comes to arbitration, players will routinely over-ask while teams will low-ball the player until they come to an agreement.

I’ll be honest with you, I’m surprised Spooner is still on the Bruins roster to begin with.

On Twitter, I stated that I believe Spooner would come in at a 2 year, $3.125M deal after all of this is said and done.

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