Hey Pelicans! Anthony Davis Says He Tired Of Losing & You Know What Comes Next?

Hey Pelicans! Anthony Davis Says He Tired Of Losing & You Know What Comes Next?


Hey Pelicans! Anthony Davis Says He Tired Of Losing & You Know What Comes Next?

The Kyrie Irving & Lebron James situation is just the latest of superstar talent contemplating leaving or have left their original teams in search of greener pastures.

There was also Paul George who decided to put Indiana on notice about his plan to leave via the media, which ended up with him being traded, teaming up with All-star guard Russell Westbrook.

Kevin Durant left to join the Golden St Warriors in 2016 which ended up with him getting a championship ring & NBA Final’s MVP trophy.

The Pelicans are officially placed on notice as if they didn’t realize it already. The teams cornerstone franchise player has made the decoration that he is “tired of losing.”

According to an AP report Davis is quoted as saying “We can’t wait for the season to come and try to make some noise here in the loaded West,” Davis said Tuesday afternoon while promoting a youth camp he’ll host in early August.

“We’re doing everything, whether it’s signing players, trading players … whatever it is to just try to make sure that we try to be a winning organization,” he added. “We have the tools right now to be successful. … Right now, I think we look good on paper. So we’ve just got to figure it out.”

The Pelicans have committed to the course of Jrue Holiday, Anthony Davis & DeMarcus Cousins as the center pieces of what could be a dominate team.  The addition of Rajon Rondo could help galvanize the team on the offensive & defensive end. Davis commented on the Rondo signing by saying “When I first heard about Rondo, I thought it was a good situation for us,” Davis said. “He knows when to get guys involved, when to make that pass.”

New Orleans is 170-240 since A.D. was drafted making the playoffs once in 2014-15 season as a 8th seed eventually getting bounced by Golden St 4-0 in the 1st round. Pelican GM Dell Demps has failed miserably to deliver any sort of consistent winning to this organization. The rumors are some players view the team as dysfunctional which forces the team to overpay to get free agents.

The Benson/Loomis regime took months to decide on the faiths of GM Demps & Coach Al Gentry who compiled a laughable record of 64-100 over the last couple of seasons. The reality is that A.D. is sick of losing & the entire fan base is too, if the Pelicans don’t show improvement this year the team could look drastically different in 2018-2019.

I think they actually have what it takes to climb in the wild wild west stay tuned.

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