The Bader Family Gave Everyone Crocodile Tears

The Bader Family Gave Everyone Crocodile Tears


The Bader Family Gave Everyone Crocodile Tears

It’s been a trying season for Cardinals fans.

Call it what you want, but the 2017 team has been the baseball embodiment of a slow-motion stumble since leaving the blocks in early April. No success has gone unpunished.

You needed a break.


Harrison Bader, the son, had been playing baseball in Memphis for the Cardinals AAA team, and finally got the call up to the Big Show on Tuesday.

This is obviously a moment that no player would ever forget. But because it’s the Bader family, a fresh face doesn’t just show up at the ballpark.


Louis Bader, the dad, is going to give his son a ride to Busch Stadium for his first MLB game all the way from Memphis.

Is it just like you’re picturing?

It’s just like you’re picturing:

Harrison began walking toward the gate where a handful of fans loitered while waiting for autographs, prompting Louis to rush toward his son for a quick goodbye. “Good luck,” Louis said before hugging his son and kissing him gently on the cheek. Harrison kissed his dad’s cheek and then walked over to sign autographs for a few minutes before he was escorted into Busch Stadium by clubhouse assistant Mark Walsh.

Damn it. Get me a Kleenex.

Now that in and of itself would be a great story. One for the books. Something special.

Did the Bader family stop there, though?


How about Harrison, the son, scoring the winning run for the Cardinals in a dramatic play at home plate in the bottom of the 9th while the whole family cheers him on? Would that be something I could interest you in?

Matt Carpenter’s arms are all of our arms, young Harrison. Son to Louis. Son to us all.

Cut to The Bader family in the stands:

The opposite of unhappy parents.

I can’t take it.

Too much. TOO MUCH.

To be fair he’s probably a bad dude, though. Right? He’s got to be a bad dude. This day has to have a twist ending.

Run through a wall for you, me, all of us, eh?

Looks like we’re #Blessed. The Bader family is real. Harrison Bader is real.

Take a bow, Bader family. You’ve given St. Louis all the feels.

Photo: STLToday

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