Mr. Taylor, You Are Right To Leave Thibs/Layden Alone

Mr. Taylor, You Are Right To Leave Thibs/Layden Alone


Mr. Taylor, You Are Right To Leave Thibs/Layden Alone

Dear Mr. Taylor,

You spoke to the Pioneer Press recently:

Lots of great quotes, of course, but your stance on Wiggins stood out.

You know what else stood out to me? Your stance on Thibs and Mr. Layden after they traded away Ricky Rubio and Zach LaVine:

“It was part of our goal (to win around that core) and those guys worked on it,” he said. “We were having a lot of fun and I wished we could’ve kept them all together, I wish we would’ve done better last year. So, yeah, I would say it was hard on me, but the goal is to win the championship and if there’s another route I can’t be an impediment and get in the way when we see another way, and I think (president of basketball operations Tom Thibodeau) and (general manager Scott Layden) have given us an alternative which we can (use to) get there faster.” 

Your quote reminds me of what you said when you introduced the two:

You gave Thibs and Mr. Layen five year deals, but you see it as more than five years.

Translation: you’re giving Thibs the keys to the basketball ops.

So while you said Andrew Wiggins is untouchable, the reality is you’re going to trust Thibs’ judgment.

You’re going to trust the systems that Thibs has put in place to accelerate the timeline towards contention.

You know what else that’s telling me, Mr. Taylor? You’re keeping your promise to Thibs and Mr. Layden.

Regardless of what the transactions are, and regardless of your personal relationship with any of the players—think Ricky Rubio—you are, in the end, hands-off.

The same rings true for Wiggins.

Regardless of how you view him right now, if Thibs is going to extend Wiggins or trade him for a proven star, be it Kyrie Irving, or someone else, I could see you approving either scenario.


Because, in your mind, the outcome would be seen as the best decision for the Timberwolves moving forward.

And as the owner, that’s the right mindset to have.

You are right to leave Thibs/Layden alone.

You’re with these guys for the long run.


Go Timberwolves! Get your howl on.

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