Rookie Jadar Johnson Leaves the NFL

Rookie Jadar Johnson Leaves the NFL


Rookie Jadar Johnson Leaves the NFL

Like Carrie Underwood, we’re waiting all day for Sunday night. Sunday is our favorite day of the week. We go through the motions as we wait for it to come. We notice signs of life on Thursday nights knowing Sunday is within reach, and then we finally come alive! The excitement from the week carries over to Monday before we transform into robots again on Tuesday, but the cycle continues. ‘Tis the circle of life as an NFL fan.

However, what many fail to fully grasp is that there’s life after football and there are things that are greater than the game. New York Giants UDFA rookie safety Jadar Johnson sees that and has retired from the NFL before even beginning his professional career. Full details of his decision have yet to be disclosed. But as Johnson’s agent Trey Robinson explained to the New York Post, the 22-year-old “has new ventures that he wants to pursue and he values his health.”

Jadar Johnson’s departure isn’t a huge blow to the New York Giants secondary. He was more likely to end up on the team’s practice squad than on its roster. However, the move is a very significant one, as Johnson is just the latest player to retire early from the NFL. He joins recently departed New England Patriots wide receiver Andrew Hawkins and Baltimore Ravens offensive lineman John Urschel. By doing so, Johnson is choosing to shed light on important issues, like health, rather than lighting up the field. He’s looking at life after football and not risking the chance of being unable to accomplish his goals in the next chapter of his career. Johnson noted afterwards that he is healthy but chose to retire simply because he fell out of love with football.

Jadar Johnson reminds us that football isn’t all fun and games; it’s a career. While we may not all agree with his decision to retire, we must respect it. Besides, there are plenty of ways to make a giant impact through football (if one wants to) without suiting up and taking the field. Kudos to Johnson for realizing that and pursuing bigger, better, and safer opportunities beyond the gridiron!

photo credit: Piero Espejo

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