The Max Deal For Andrew Wiggins Is A Done Deal

The Max Deal For Andrew Wiggins Is A Done Deal

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The Max Deal For Andrew Wiggins Is A Done Deal

Dear Timberwolves fans,

So Mr. Taylor spoke to AP Sports Guy:

Some memorable quotes:

“To me, by making this offer, I’m speculating that his contribution to the team will be more in the future,” Taylor told The Associated Press. “We’ve got to be better. He can’t be paid just for what he’s doing today. He’s got to be better.

“So when you’re talking about negotiations on his part, I’m already extending to him that I’m willing to meet the max. But there are some things that I need out of him, and that is the commitment to be a better player than you are today.”

Taylor said he wants to hear a commitment from Wiggins to work out often in the Twin Cities in the summer and improve all areas of his game to fulfill the obligations that come with a max deal.

“I just think it’s important,” Taylor said. “If a guy is a real star and he really cares about it, which I think he does, I think it’s a commitment. I’m not sure that he wouldn’t do it anyway. But I think that’s part of the negotiations.”

Sprinkle in more context from AP Sports Guy:

And what do you get?

Yup, the max deal for Andrew Wiggins is all but complete.

Now, as Mr. Taylor indicated, it’s a matter of exchanging pleasantries—and, of course, formalities between him and the agent.

Sure, Mr. Taylor wants assurance from Mr. Wiggins that he’s committed to improving his game, etc—all of that sounds lovely—but when you think about it, it’s a PR strategy to control the message.

The message for Kyrie Irving and the Cavs.

The message for the rest of the league.

So what’s the message? It’s pretty straightforward: Mr. Wiggin is not available to anyone under any circumstances.

No ifs or buts—whatsoever.

So Timberwolves fans…you oughta be excited!

Mr. Taylor, when you read between the lines, is directly negotiating the extension.

Which means this, and only this: the max deal for Andrew Wiggins is a done deal.


Go Timberwolves! Get your howl on.

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