Cardinals #RallyCat Makes Debut

Cardinals #RallyCat Makes Debut


Cardinals #RallyCat Makes Debut

Bottom of the 6th.

Cardinals are trailing the Royals 5-4 when Yadier Molina steps to the plate with the bases loaded.

A great baseball scenario, for sure. But it turned out to be – possibly – one the more improbable 3 minutes in St. Louis Cardinals history.

I can say, unequivocally, that nobody saw that coming.

A cute kitty runs out on to the field to the delight of a packed house (sans Lorenzo Cain), runs around, gets wrangled by a groundskeeper (who certainly has some battle wounds today) and on the very next pitch Yadier Molina hits the 5th grand slam of his career?


Even typing it out it sounds ridiculous.

But it happened.

There’s the proof, right above!

The Cardinals took over 2nd place in the NL Central, to boot.

The realist in me sees a team that’s 2 games over .500 and only in the thick of a division race because another far more talented team seems disinterested in winning.

But the fan in me?

We just saw a mothertrucking kitten serve as the opening act to the most exciting play in baseball. At home. Against the Royals. In the Cards 5th straight victory.

You win, Cardinals. You win.

I’m back in on 2017.

Photo: Twitter

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