UFC 214 PPV Buyrate: 860,000

UFC 214 PPV Buyrate: 860,000

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UFC 214 PPV Buyrate: 860,000


The sales estimates are in for last month’s epic UFC 214, and they are very, very good.  Not quite the 1 million sold that Dana White claimed it was trending towards, but strong nonetheless.  Dave Meltzer reports the the event sold an estimated 860,000 pay-per-views, making it the highest-selling UFC PPV of 2017 (by far), and the highest-selling since Ronda Rousey’s return at UFC 204 last December.

In fact, UFC 214 is now the 18th best selling UFC PPV of all-time.  It also tops Jones-Cormier Part 1 (UFC 182) by 60,000 units sold.  It’s also the best selling Jon Jones headlined fight card of all-time.  Jones’s return is just what the doctor ordered for the cash-strapped UFC.


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