Neil Walker Latest to Depart, Will Find Spark In Beer Town

Neil Walker Latest to Depart, Will Find Spark In Beer Town


Neil Walker Latest to Depart, Will Find Spark In Beer Town

Lucas Duda and Addison Reed were one thing. But with Jay Bruce going to Cleveland for a song, it signaled that anything not nailed down in the Mets clubhouse could be had for kitchen utensils. Sure enough, the next storage unit to be opened contained a barely used Neil Walker, and the Brewers have won this Storage War as they have reportedly agreed to acquire Walker just before the Mets’ Saturday tilt against the Phillies.

In a surprising development if you’ve been living under a rock:

Yeah, the Mets are probably receiving a blender in return. Stay tuned for updates in case they matter.

It’s a great fit for Walker as he goes to a pennant race with a team that needed production at second base. It’s a perfect fit for Milwaukee as Walker’s career average of .286 and OPS of .866 in Miller Park is a great sign that production will come from Walker. In a three game set at Miller Park this season, Walker hit .615 with 2 HR’s and 6 RBI in a three game set and was the bright spot for the Mets as their season took a big hit with a Brewers sweep. It’s marriage of need and success that the Brewers will gladly roll the dice on as their relevance in the N.L. Central race gets more tenuous every day.

Neil was supposed to be the equivalent of Daniel Murphy with better defense. And until Walker wore a Mets uniform, he was. But as a Met, he’ll be remembered for one really good month and for having the same back surgery that I did. Ah, memories.

With the clubhouse becoming devoid of all things set to expire, Asdrubal Cabrera looks up from his locker to three men in suits chanting “Kali Ma. Kali Ma!”

Update: The return from the Brewers might have working muscles and no broken bones:

No, what you heard was that the Mets were eating some of the knockwurst that the Brewers were sending them in return for Walker.

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