Woman Demands Apology From Dexter Fowler; Aliya Fowler, His Wife, Responds

Woman Demands Apology From Dexter Fowler; Aliya Fowler, His Wife, Responds


Woman Demands Apology From Dexter Fowler; Aliya Fowler, His Wife, Responds

Yesterday I played a game of ‘do you buy it’ with some friends on a WhatsApp thread.

Want to play?

Here’s the Facebook post in question.

Do you buy it?

It was pointed out to me that ‘I want this to go viral’ is the new ‘let me speak to your manager’.

Truest thing I heard all day.

‘Melissa Ann’ got what she wanted because eventually word of the post got to Dexter Fowler’s wife and she responded on Instagram:

‘Melissa Ann’s’ post has been edited to clarify what she wrote yesterday.

Specifically that she was probably wrong about the beer. (And depending on how far in the future you’re reading this, the post might be edited further…)


The Cardinals banned alcohol in the clubhouse in 2007 after the death of pitcher Josh Hancock. They do allow alcohol after wins that clinch a playoff berth/series wins in the playoffs. But as far as I can tell, not after regular season games.

I’m not sure why Fowler would leave the field, grab a beer, and then come back onto the field in the first place…

The fact that she assumed it was a beer (and has subsequently admitted was wrong) should cast some healthy skepticism over all her claims, no?


I wasn’t there.

You weren’t there.

And just because Dex seems like a fun-loving guy doesn’t mean he never acts like a jerk – ballplayers are human too. Perhaps he had a moment of ill-advised banter.


This feels a bit like someone wanting to be outraged. Wanting to have something on Facebook “go viral”.

Even if this happened the exact way she described it (sans the beer part), couldn’t you turn to the kids and say “Dex is playing with you just like you play with your friends? You guys and him share a joke now!”

Maybe she did and the kids were really that shook.

I doubt we’ll ever know for sure.

Athletes get yelled at after games all the time for pics/autographs/mementos (like batting gloves or wrist bands). Sometimes they oblige; most times they ignore and go about their business. They are at work, after all.

I’m just having a hard time thinking of any situation where a child was taunted while making a request.

I’m having an even harder time believing that Dexter Fowler is the guy to be the first.

More than likely this was a baseball player trying to go about his business, might have said something in the general direction of this family that may or may not have been intended for them and some lines got crossed by everyone involved.

I don’t know.

Sucks that the kids took it hard.

But kids are tough… they’ll get through this.

We’ll update this post with any further information about the incident if we get more. As of this post, Dexter Fowler had not commented on the situation via his social media.

Photo: USA Today

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