Inglewood, Always Up To No Good

Inglewood, Always Up To No Good

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Inglewood, Always Up To No Good

Welcome back, FAITHFUL READER. It’s been a while. I didn’t even post during Jerry Week as my dad had a tough week in the hospital. However, there is hope now and there didn’t seem to be much back then. As for the Bolts, the preseason begins this evening and in The City Of Angels no less. Again, I totally understand San Diegans wishing for failure for their former team. As long time Bolthead Colby Underwood told me, it’s the same thing as me not being able to root for Chargers than go on to play for other teams.
Speaking Of players who went on to suit up elsewhere, LT finally got his bust in Canton. It was great to see and I loved the message of his speech. Especially with how this wonderful country of ours feels right now, the talk of hope and togetherness was nice to hear. Of course the speech went a little of the rails, but who am I to complain? Of course Deano got booed as he should.
It is really an insult to San Diego the way he’s tried to hard to “fight” for LA after doing nothing for his former home. The political mess of SD didn’t help and I still maintain that a fresh start was needed. However, Deano didn’t negotiate in good faith and that’s fucked up. Forrest Lamp going down for the year brought back the first of many “that’s so Chargers” thoughts for 2017. I won’t fault Telesco for a kid who was never hurt before. He’s drafted many, including this year’s top pick who did have prior injuries however. As I Tweeted to Lamp, I feel bad his year his over but it’s not him. It’s us.

Obviously,the number one thing to watch for tonight is injuries. I will actually be seeing the remnants of the Black Crowes tonight on the Island, but will watch the game pretty shortly thereafter and will get back to you this week before the Saints game.

Obviously, I’ll be updated as to what’s going on while it happens. I’d like to see some progress with the offensive line. Even without Lamp, they have to be better. I don’t trust Barksdale, but hope Okung is worth the money. Mebane was great until he got hurt and this team needs some of that Seahawk attitude. Lynn seems to be doing a decent job of putting his stamp on the team, but it only matters if they win. I would also like to see Koo unseat #LaughingLambo this month. I know it may be asking a lot since Lambo was a summertime discovery himself. Novak has been great for the Texans even if he missed a big kick in Denver during our last playoff game.
It’s preseason, so I doubt we’ll too much of Bosa and Ingram. Russell Wilson is tough to bring down anyway. But it will be interesting to see if Liuget can give us anything this year. The fact that he didn’t have a single sack last season is still mind-boggling, especially since he sucked the year before as well.
I love that Rivers is commuting, by the way. I don’t know if he’s still driving that same shitty truck that he claimed he had the score of the second Jets playoff loss bumper stickered on. I must admit also that the “Fight For LA” video he starred in was actually pretty good. But I am sure it was a dagger for every person who has ever lived in San Diego. That’s going to be a common feeling this year. Being a Charger fan will come with that extra layer of guilt. So be it.
Anyway, it’s nice to be back where it all begins again. I hope some Justice League members will drop by.
Until next week.

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