UND Releases New Hockey Jerseys

UND Releases New Hockey Jerseys

North Dakota

UND Releases New Hockey Jerseys

Former UND goalie Matt Hrynkiw (Photo Credit: Russ Hons)

On Thursday, the University of North Dakota Men’s Hockey team tweeted this out. As previously discussed, the new hockey jerseys are sporting the Fighting Hawks logo.

First, everyone knew that this day was eventually going to come. It shouldn’t be a big shock to anyone. Obviously, there were a number of UND fans that aren’t happy with the new look. It’s their right to not like it.

Get used to it, the University of North Dakota is moving forward with the Fighting Hawks logo. UND wants to market the Fighting Hawks logo and men’s hockey is UND’s most visible sport on campus. Part of marketing the logo is having the Fighting Hawks logo appear on all of their athletes’ jerseys.

Of course, like I mentioned earlier, there’s going to be a fair number of fans that hate the new look. I don’t expect the “Sioux Forever” crowd to embrace it. Nonetheless, the Fighting Sioux logo isn’t coming back.

It will be interesting to see how this shakes out. I can tell you this, the football team and the Men’s and Women’s basketball teams have already embraced the logo and Fighting Hawks nickname. Most of the teams on campus have embraced the new logo. Here’s a sampling of a few tweets that came in response of the new jersey.

And of course, @LetGoDU is sucking up to Jayson. I have a feeling he’s having a tough time containing himself. Yeahhhhh. I’d rather have the new UND hockey jersey than anything with DU on it. Finally, feel free to share your thoughts with me on the new look. I like the new font. Please keep the profanity to a minimum.

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