Summer boredom is almost over for Blues fans

Summer boredom is almost over for Blues fans


Summer boredom is almost over for Blues fans

Some may say that winter is coming. Personally, I’m just happy that fall is coming which means some cooler weather and the return of some actual St. Louis Blues news.

Honestly, this summer has been particularly brutal as far as news and speculation goes for the Blues. Dating back to the expansion and entry draft in June, there hasn’t been much to talk about. The roster is set, the young players have been analyzed and the varying good and bad scenarios for the season ahead have been discussed.

There’s a reason why content on this website has been fairly light over the past couple weeks. There’s not much more to say – at least, not much worth reading – until the Blues actually do something.

Thankfully, training camp is nearly here. Preseason games are inching closer with the first exhibition scheduled for September 19th against the Dallas Stars. From there, it’ll be a flurry of news and analysis worth covering.

In summary, let’s hope this is the last post lacking any real substance or meat until the 2017-18 season begins. It’s almost time to stop dealing in the world of hypothetical and start dealing in the world of actualities. That’s an exciting proposition.

Let’s go Blues!

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