Knicks leave Carmelo Anthony off season ticket plan promotion

Knicks leave Carmelo Anthony off season ticket plan promotion


Knicks leave Carmelo Anthony off season ticket plan promotion

In promoting their season ticket plans for the 2017-18 campaign, the Knicks omitted their headlining attraction for the past seven seasons: Carmelo Anthony.

Anthony is still a member of the team, as the front office is yet to find a deal for the ten-time NBA all-star this offseason. Still, fans wouldn’t have any idea judging by the organization’s social media presence as of late.

This latest ad features the team’s future in Kristaps Porzingis, Willy Hernangomez, and Frank Ntilikina. Anthony is nowhere to be found. In fact, there has not been any mention of the forward on the team’s Twitter account whatsoever all offseason long. The only nod to his presence on the team was an acknowledgment that Phil Jackson discussed Anthony in what has become an infamous and final MSG Network appearance on June 21st.

It’s as if Anthony doesn’t even exist, and as the Knicks look to develop talent and feature their youth, perhaps that’s the way they prefer it. Still, it’s surprising to see the marketing department neglect someone who would figure to be a huge asset in their promotional efforts. Anthony is still widely known and favored by fans. It’s unusual to see the marketing and public relations departments fail to acknowledge such a cornerstone if they’re technically still a part of the team, regardless of what the basketball operations staff may be doing behind the scenes.

With training camp likely less than a month away at this point, the window of opportunity to trade Anthony before the season begins is steadily closing. One could argue that there’s a greater chance that he starts the season with the club than getting traded instead. Thus, it would seemingly add to an already awkward situation if he were left off the team’s promotional material as the season begins. Of course, it’s very easy to photoshop someone in (or out) of graphic designs, but that should have given the Knicks all the more reason to simply include Anthony and then move accordingly if he were to get traded.

Regardless of the vision for the team’s potentially successful figure, Anthony is a prominent figure that should have been given the common courtesy of inclusion until something else comes to fruition.

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