Sox Lose Another Blowout Game

Sox Lose Another Blowout Game

Red Sox

Sox Lose Another Blowout Game

The Sox came home to face off with the Orioles and hope to get even more distance between the Yankees in the battle for the AL East.   The Sox had Rick Porcello on the mound and while he has looked much better lately, the same could not be said about his outing last night.  Porcello wasn’t helped by the defense behind him either.   The end score looked more like a football game than a baseball game.

The O’s scored two runs right off the bat in the top of the 1st.  Machado scored by way of a throwing error from Porcello and then Mancini hit an RBI sac fly to score Schoop.  Sox 0-2.   The O’s scored three more runs in the top of the 2nd when Trumbo hit a lead off home run, Machado hit an RBI single and then Beckman came home to score by way of a throwing error from Sandy Leon.  Sox 0-5.

The Sox got on the board in the bottom of the 2nd when Xander Bogaerts hit a 2 run homer.   Sox 2-5.  Unfortunately Porcello gave one of those runs right back in the 3rd when he gave up a solo home run to Davis.   Sox 2-6.  Porcello pitched a scoreless 4th, but found trouble again in the 5th inning.   Porcello gave up an RBI single to Mancini and then gave up a 2 run RBI single to Smith.   Sox 2-9.   Porcello was done and Joe Kelly came into the game to try to finish off the inning.  Kelly wasn’t able to stop the bleeding though as he gave up a 2 run RBI double to Beckham and then RBI singles to Schoop and Jones.   Sox 2-13.   The pitching wasn’t getting the job done, but neither was the defense.   There were 5 errors by the time the game was over.   Porcello gave up 11 runs in his pitching line, but only 4 of those runs were earned.   This would have been a completely different game if the defense had the pitchers’ backs.

The Sox scored their 3rd and sadly, their final run of the game in the bottom of the 5th.  Leon hit a sac fly to score Devers from 3rd.  Sox 3-13.  Kelly pitched a scoreless 6th and then Blaine Boyer pitched the 7th inning.   Boyer ended up allowing the O’s to add three runs to the board.    Boyer gave up a 2 run RBI triple to Mancini and then an RBI sac fly to Davis.   Sox 3-16.  Robby Scott pitched himself a scoreless 8th inning.   Things got interesting again in the 9th inning.   Hanley came in and played first and Mitch Moreland took over on the mound.   Moreland pitched in the 90s and pitched himself a scoreless inning, including a strikeout to start the inning.   It may have been a blowout, but I do love when the game has a position player on the mound.

Red Sox 3  Orioles 16  BOXSCORE

WP: Hellickson (2-2)  LP: Porcello (8-15)

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