Hog Heaven to Redskins: Impress me in Preseason Game 3

Hog Heaven to Redskins: Impress me in Preseason Game 3


Hog Heaven to Redskins: Impress me in Preseason Game 3

Coach Jay Gruden is going out of his way not to tip his hand about the 2017 Redskins. We get it. In fact, we approve.

With the roster turnover at wide receiver, at every level of the defense and questions still unanswered about the rushing attack, why should we give any hints to the Eagles before the game on September 10?

But what the Redskins showed us so far has left fans feeling blah.

We don’t care about preseason wins. Do you remember the ‘Skins are 9-3 over the past three preseasons? We do want to see hints of competitiveness against the Bengals.

Here’s my list:

1 – Cousins to Pryor for a score.

1a – Cousins to Doctson for a score.

The Redskins are a pass oriented team. Show us something through the air. By the way, is Brian Quick still on this team? The question is rhetorical?

2 – Answer the riddle of the run game.

Throughout last season, I could not solve the riddle of whether the Redskins running backs were not very good because OC Sean McVay did not use them enough, or because…they just are not very good. Rob Kelley should take a big step up in his second year. That’s more of a hope than expectation. Most of the poor preseason is because the offensive line has under-performed. The O-line is the run game for springing the back to the second level defense. If the team is averaging under 4.0 yards per rush attempt, that’s on the line.

I find this astounding. … The combined number of game starts of the top three RBs and top three WRs is 41. Kirk Cousins alone has 41 starts. This a team pointing to a 2018 run.

3 – Will the Redskins defense excel in Richie Petibon’s favorite stats?

  • Turnovers
  • 3rd-down stops.

Stay tuned.

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