Quick Reaction: Bengals at Redskins, Preseason Week 3

Quick Reaction: Bengals at Redskins, Preseason Week 3


Quick Reaction: Bengals at Redskins, Preseason Week 3

The Redskins “lost” the battle of the first teams with the score Bengals 14, Redskins 13, at the end of the half.

The first half stats support the eyeball test. These teams are closely matched.

  • First downs – 9 each.
  • Total Yards – ‘Skins 162, Bengals 138
  • Yards per play – ‘Skins 4.9, Bengals 4.8

The Redskins controlled the ball for 17:00 minutes, but trailed by a point after a sluggish start.

The two leading receivers in yards for the first half are familiar names: RB Chris Thompson and WR Jamison Crowder. You should expect that based on time with Kirk Cousins.  The front office now seems to appreciate home grown talent more than they did in the bad old days of Snyderrato.

The Redskins’ fumble recovery offset the pick of Cousins.

The announcers reminded us that Jay Gruden is calling plays now that Sean McVay has left. He too has to shake off rust. It’s a process.

For preseason, we always look at scores at the end of the half to figure if the Redskins “won.” We rate the teams’ performance as C+. Room for improvement. Far from a fail.

Now checking out the player profile of WR Matt Hazel. Based on second-half play alone, he will make the team … and Brian Quick will not.

The Redskins defended the lead to lock up the win. Yeah, it was against the bubble players, but entertaining.

The Final: Redskins 23, Bengals, 17


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