Mike Yeo feels "more confident and comfortable" this year

Mike Yeo feels "more confident and comfortable" this year


Mike Yeo feels "more confident and comfortable" this year

Mike Yeo sounds like a confident man heading into a new season with the St. Louis Blues. As he prepares to serve in his first full season as the head coach of the Blues, Yeo says he’s much more confident and comfortable with the roster compared to how he joined things last season.

Last year, Yeo entered the year as the team’s future head coach, waiting to take over the role from Ken Hitchcock. That position had to be about as awkward as it sounds. As Blues fans all know, Hitchcock was shown the door and Yeo took over, leading the Blues to a solid run to end the regular season and a pretty respectable playoff run.

Now, Yeo is feeling even more confident now that he isn’t the new man on the job. Speaking with the St. Louis Post-Dispatch (JR, we’ll miss you!), Yeo looked back at the 2016-17 season and ahead to 2017-18.

“I remember walking into the locker room the first day last year and you don’t know who the players are. It’s a different story when they don’t have their uniforms on, so you’re trying to introduce yourself and figure out who’s who. That was obviously quite the process to go through, to come in and learn a new organization and their personalities.

This year is a much different story. I feel much more confident and comfortable with this group, and I feel like we’re ready to hit the ground running.”

Yeo should be feeling more confident as he’ll have control of the Blues from the very beginning of the season. Instead of sitting back and watching Hitchcock’s idea of a good training camp, he can run this upcoming one as he sees fit. It’s a lot easier to teach and train a team if you’re able to do it from the offset rather than trying to correct a bunch of bad habits.

Here’s hoping that the success we all saw at the end of last season translates over to a strong start this season.

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