NBA season win totals released, Warriors number is insanely high

NBA season win totals released, Warriors number is insanely high


NBA season win totals released, Warriors number is insanely high

The NBA’s Western Conference is so stacked with talent, but it’s still all about the Warriors, as the defending champions are clearly the team to beat heading into the 2017-18 season.

On the other hand, the Phoenix Suns and Chicago Bulls, well, not so much. It’s now clear that the Bulls are moving toward rebuilding, while the Suns have been stockpiling young talent from the high draft picks they’ve had.

The Warriors set the record for regular-season wins in 2016 — going 73-9 — but which ultimately resulted in them failing to win a title. Last season, their goals seemed to shift, with their eyes on the prize, and it culminated with them winning it all. They won 67 games last season, and that’s right where their win total is set for 2017-18, which makes sense. It does, however, seem a bit high, with Cleveland, Boston and the Rockets improving exponentially during the offseason.

Here are the season-win totals for the 2017-18 season.

Eastern Conference


Boston Celtics 56.5

Toronto Raptors 48.5

Philadelphia 76ers 42.5

New York Knicks 30.5

Brooklyn Nets 28.5


Cleveland Cavaliers 53.5

Milwaukee Bucks 47.5

Detroit Pistons 38.5

Indiana Pacers 31.5

Chicago Bulls 21.5


Washington Wizards 47.5

Miami Heat 43.5

Charlotte Hornets 42.5

Orlando Magic 33.5

Atlanta Hawks 25.5

Western Conference


Oklahoma City Thunder 51.5

Minnesota Timberwolves 48.5

Denver Nuggets 45.5

Portland Trail Blazers 42.5

Utah Jazz 40.5


Golden State Warriors 67.5

Los Angeles Clippers 43.5

Los Angeles Lakers 33.5

Sacramento Kings 28.5

Phoenix Suns 28.5


Houston Rockets 55.5

San Antonio Spurs 54.5

New Orleans Pelicans 39.5

Memphis Grizzlies 37.5

Dallas Mavericks 35.5

That Sixers seem a bit high where they are, too. Winning 42.5 games would entail them finishing over .500 for the first time since 2004-05. And sure, 28 wins is a big improvement from 10, but they’ll still be trusting the process for at least another season, we think.

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