Instant Reaction From Saints News Of The Past Week

Instant Reaction From Saints News Of The Past Week


Instant Reaction From Saints News Of The Past Week

So, I have been on vacation for the last week and haven’t had the opportunity to follow any Saints news. I went a week without any real social media activity and didn’t even get to watch the game this past weekend vs the Texans. As I have been riding in the car and getting caught up on everything that has been going on in the world, I realized I missed a lot. I thought a fun article would be to post some of the headlines from the past week and give my instant reaction to them without much research. To stay as clueless as I really am and analyze what has been in the news. Obviously, I am going to stay with Saints news but a lot seemed to have happened in the world since I disconnected myself. So here we go…


This is great news. Those that have followed me before I joined Saints Nation know that I have harped on the Special Teams. It has been one of the most inconsistent phases of the game for the Saints, and thats saying a lot considering our defense we have had. There has not been anything special about the Saints “special” teams in years. Its nice that we went into this offseason without the usual place kicker battle. Will Lutz has been solid and will be a good kicker for a while. Its also good to see that the team is being serious about the long snapper. The long snapper is one of the least talked about positions and is practically an afterthought but a few bad snaps and things get ugly. If the long snapper is ever in the news during the regular season you have some serious problems. As Nick pointed out here, the Saints lost a few games because of Special Teams last year. Seeing them correct the issues is good news.

Ummm… How about no. The Browns have been shopping Haden all offseason and no one was interested in taking on his contract or being embarrassed by a washed up DB getting paid $11 million. The Saints clearly could still use more help at the CB position but under no circumstances do I think Haden would be more than a Paul Kruger, Jarius Byrd, Champ Bailey etc. 2.0. If, and thats a big IF, the Saints do bring Haden on board I would watch your excitement and temper your expectations. Its better to be surprised than let down. If the Saints are still looking for a playmaker in the secondary they should be talking with the Patriots about Malcom Butler. If you don’t trust me, trust Matt Miller.

The Saints should be done giving injury riddled veterans a place to call home.

For the last decade Sean Payton has fielded a top 5 offense. Why anyone is worried about this is a mystery to me. It. Is. Just. Preseason. The offense will be fine as long a Brees is standing and playing like his normal self. He isn’t ready to retire yet and might be looking for one more payday. Speaking of………

$151.5 million. Let that sink in for a little bit. Stafford, like other QBs to sign contracts before him has raised the bar for the going rate on a top quarterback. Now, will this effect what Drew Brees may want after this season? I doubt it. I think Brees knows that he will be 39 and while still an elite quarterback he is closer to the end of his career than the beginning. But Tom Condon, Bress’ agent, has to be licking his lips.

So I am going to just assume that it is finally ok to start having faith in the defense. They have put together 3 straight solid games. Will they have 4 or more sacks every game? Probably not. Will they shut out any teams in the regular season? Doubtful. But they are putting some great tape out there. I am excited to get to watch the game later. If you haven’t done so already check out Brian’s observations from the game. 


And finally, on a serious note, prayers and good vibes sent to our friends, family and fellow countrymen in Houston.

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