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Down To 53

As promised I did check a good chunk of the preseason. Things with my dad have been extremely difficult, so anytime I’m away you can assume that’s why. I was pleasantly surprised that the Bolts kept Koo over Laughing Lambo. Not only did they ditch a choker who missed two kicks against the Browns (2015’s was negated by a Cleveland penalty), but they got a kicker whose first name is “Young Hoe.”
Pimpbot 5000 would be pleased. Of course, Nick Novak was a bit of a choker too with the Chargers. His lone clutch kick was at Philadelphia in 2013. He missed a pretty big one in Denver in our last playoff game as well. With the Texans? He’s been extremely clutch which once again suggests that maybe it’s us. But I at least comment Telesco (or the mini Spanoses) for recognizing Lambo’s issues. The game against the Rams showed what we probably already knew about this team. They can be good but have a razor thin margin when it comes to injuries. Somehow, the depth guys are as bad as ever. It’s a bad combination when you can’t afford to lose more than a few players and somehow lose the most guys in the NFL year after year.
It’s a bad combination, to say the least.

It’s crazy that the Rams would have won that game if they hadn’t missed the one short field goal they tried all night. I know the guy who shanked wasn’t a starter but he had kicked a long one earlier. Come to think of it, Lambo hit most of his long kicks during the preseason. I don’t think he missed one. Koo only tried one all summer and it wasn’t a very long kick at that. I wonder where the Spanoses got their intel?
It sucks about Lamp, but I know Feeney was also highly regarded in the draft. Yet I’ve seen very little to warrant the hype. I didn’t see him at Indiana since I admittedly don’t watch college ball. But he looked fucking lost out there. The Chargers must really be relying on Rivers not getting hurt since Cardale Jones definitely looks like a long-term project still. The kid underneath him looked pretty good, albeit against the rejects. It was good that Dwight Lowery got cut if for nothing else than the fact he got juked out by Beathard’s grandson. Bobby, by the way, deserves to be in the Hall of Fame. He built the skins and the early ’90s Bolts. Bryan Still and Ryan Leaf don’t erase that.
It will be interesting to see what Mike Williams can bring. I guess they are taking a risk by taking him off the PUP list, but we have to trust they know something about his recovery. It’s crazy that the opener is next week. Denver is a pretty good opponent to have, although the late start leaves something to be desired for me. However, the Bolts have won all the later openers since 2006 as far as I can recall. The Bunkos are the only divisional opponent we’ve beaten in forever and they won’t be defensive juggernaut they were two years ago. Rivers will be fired up and maybe a running game will allow him to avoid the costly turnovers. At the very least we don’t need to worry about more chickenshit playcalling on the goal line. However, Wisenhunt is still under the headset. If he was complicit with McCoy for last year’s debacle (which could have turned that season around), we’re really fucked.
As I said, I expect to back behind the keyboard this week. If I’m not, know that I will when I can. Until then, enjoy the long weekend.

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