Growing a beard can be very intriguing, especially growing the beard and still looking handsome in it. Some cultures around the world believe that growing a beard is a symbol of power and independence for men. However, Grooming Adepts says, in the sports culture, growing a beard is a symbol of the brand for athletes. There are various reasons why athletes grow beards; no-one can tell you all the reasons. One of the reasons, if not the ultimate reason, is to create a brand for themselves.

Beards are awesome, and the sports players who wear them look even more awesome. Many Sports players from the baseball, basketball, hockey, and football leagues around the world are well known as beard lovers. However, how many of them are famous, how many of the famous ones are even handsome in the beard? Scroll down to have a clue about the most famous athletes that are handsome in the beard.

1. David Beckham

He might be retired, but he is absolutely not out of the fold. In his time, he was undoubtedly the most famous footballer. He was one of the most handsome celebrities and still is. David Beckham has always been a fashion-biased gentleman who takes excellent care of his hair, be it facial or body hair. He is known to have tried out more hairstyles than most supermodels!

Interestingly, David Beckham was in 2015 (after retirement from football), voted as the People’s Sexiest Man. This points to the fact that his beard has won him a sex appeal which he always had but never to this extent. The beard is not a very simple look even though Beckham makes it look simple. The beard is a combination of a goatee and a magnificent handlebar mustache.

2. Kenneth Faried

Kenneth Faried is an athlete who plies his trade in the NBA with Denver Nuggets. His inclusion in this list is by merit. The NBA which has been known as arguably the origin of tattooing athletes, Kenneth Faried has chosen to be an exception. His beard has given him his own niche. It is not that the NBA is not full of athletes who rock a beard, it has a significant chunk of them; the truth is just that Kenneth Faried is not just wearing a nice beard, he is famous and handsome too. And that’s the point we are trying to make at Grooming Adepts.

The beard is a well combed and trimmed art, combined with his shiny dreadlocks, and a great physique, Kenneth Faried really has it all. He is also not short of admirers, this is very normal to the Denver Nuggets famous Sports star.

3. Theo Walcott

Theo Walcott is an English footballer who plays for Arsenal football club in London, England. He joined the club when he was 16, and made the World Cup squad for England when he was 17. You would think Walcott is the kind of player who only looks good on the ball, not at all. He is even more good-looking facially. His physical look dwarfs his football talents. According to him in 2009, he was taunted as the sweet little boy by co-players. So, he decided to have a new look which prompted him to grow some beard and mustache to look more masculine. The beard has only made him even more handsome, as he is one of the most handsome sports men alive.

4. Cesc Fabregas

Frances Fabregas is a Spanish player who was formerly of Arsenal and Barcelona, but now with Chelsea football club. The Spanish midfielder has been sporting different styles of beard for about a decade now, and his look has never failed to impress.

5. Grigor Dimitrov

Grigor Dimitrov is a tennis player who was deemed as the hottest star at one of the ATP tours this year. He has dated stars such as Maria Sharapova, Serena Williams, and Nicole Scherzinger. What does that tell you? Dimitrov is really handsome, thanks to his beard and eye color. He obviously takes very good care of his beard and takes his time to trim it regularly.

Beards are one of the man’s unique elements. Grooming Adepts says you don’t have to struggle with it if you don’t have one. If you really want to have a unique look, try wearing beards, you’ll look very handsome in it.

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