Surprises from NFL Week 1

Surprises from NFL Week 1


Surprises from NFL Week 1


The first week of the NFL season is nearly in the books. With the first NFL Sunday coming to a close, we’ve been treated to a number of surprises already. These are the types of shocking outcomes that make wagering on the NFL so exciting. Not only do you get to see your team win, but you also get to
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Here is our recap of the biggest surprises from Week 1 of the NFL season.

The Kansas City Chiefs shock the New England Patriots

The Chiefs’ victory was one that no fans saw coming. The Patriots seemed invincible coming off their Super Bowl LI vicotry over the Atlanta Falcons. Little did everyone know that Alex Smith was the quarterback who would come out of this game looking like a champion. Smith threw the ball all over the field and the New England defense just couldn’t keep up. Kansas City’s three fourth-quarter touchdowns ultimately sealed the deal and handed the Patriots their first loss of the year.

The Jacksonville Jaguars stand alone in first place

If you told me that the Jaguars were going to be sitting alone in the top spot in the AFC South, I would not have believed you. A team that failed to win its opener since 2011 came out of the gate charging. They simply outplayed the Houston Texans, a team that should have been riding high on emotion following the devastation of Hurricane Harvey. With the Titans falling to the Oakland Raiders and the Colts getting the walloping of the weekend out in Los Angeles, the division now belongs to the Jags. We’ll see how the next 16 weeks of the season go to determine if the Jaguars are finally ready to step up and hold their one-game lead.

The Bears nearly toppled the Conference Champions

Everyone expected the Atlanta Falcons to roll over the lowly Bears, but Chicago was a mere play away from sending the Falcons home as a loser. Mike Glennon showed a tremendous amount of poise on a final drive in the fourth quarter. With the Falcons leading by six, Glennon helped his team march down the field and put them in a 1st and goal situation at the 5 ½ yard line. Unfortunately for Chicago, the Bears’ receivers dropped Glennon’s first two pass attempts. On third down, the pass was swatted away. On a final 4th and goal for the game, the Falcons managed to sack Glennon, sealing the deal. Still, the Bears put up more of a fight than anyone expected.

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