Billionaire Mark Cuban believes NBA live streaming will not replace traditional broadcasts

Billionaire Mark Cuban believes NBA live streaming will not replace traditional broadcasts


Billionaire Mark Cuban believes NBA live streaming will not replace traditional broadcasts

Tech investor and billionaire Mark Cuban believes that traditional broadcasting will continue to be the best viewing experience when it comes to live sports coverage. Cuban is also the owner of the NBA team Dallas Mavericks and believes that NBA live streaming options are currently inferior as opposed to the regular ways of viewing sports. According to CNBC, he provides further insights to the matter when he says:

“There are so many different elements that can impact a broadcast and your experience with it when you stream, but with traditional television you’ve got 99 percent reliability and it’s a better experience.”

One of the key differences that the investor has highlighted when it comes to NBA live streaming is the buffering issues that continue to impact the experience for millions of users. He shrugs off streaming services and continues to support cable or satellite providers.

“Watching it from a cable or satellite provider on a regular television is a better viewing experience than watching it streaming from any source on a phone, on an iPad, or even on a television because it buffers; it impacts your bandwidth to your home.”

Cuban claims that NBA sports leagues have failed miserably to force viewers to continue watching those traditional broadcasts on their television sets. While enabling the option to stream is a convenient little addition, it does come with its fair share of gripes, with one of them being the annoying existence of buffering. Despite the fact that fiber internet is present readily in developed countries as well as mobile devices outfitted with the latest wireless connectivity hardware in LTE communication standards, it is not so much as the technology present in these phones than it is the actual buffering problem.

Internet speeds will continue to vary every second since that is the nature of such services, meaning that a second ago you might be experiencing the smoothest internet streaming session on the planet while at the very next second, it will become an excruciating experience.

Cuban believes that sports league have not marketed sufficiently that traditional broadcasts continue to remain the best source of sports viewing, irrespective of what critics have to say. In his opinion, campaigns in delivering advantages of traditional broadcasts over live streaming should be introduced in order to encourage continue millions of viewers to stick to their television sets during a game.

If national television is of the opposite opinion, then they will need to introduce better hardware to allow a more enjoyable streaming session. With more and more mobile computing devices being used on the planet, it goes without saying that people are more engaged with what they do on that tiny screen. While it is a huge trade-off as opposed to watching the game on a large TV, there is a huge string of convenience attached to these mobile devices and that is portability.

Perhaps Mark could try investing in better streaming services if he eventually changes his mind towards such alternatives but it looks like for the time being, his stance remains immutable.

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