The morning after the Chiefs, "good losses" don't work anymore for Redskins fans

The morning after the Chiefs, "good losses" don't work anymore for Redskins fans


The morning after the Chiefs, "good losses" don't work anymore for Redskins fans

Bottom line: We lost, 29-20, and it doesn’t matter our Redskins played the Chiefs close most of the game. Only a win counts as a win.

Hog Heaven hasn’t paid attention to Alex Smith since he left the 49ers. He’s in the other conference seen on another channel than the one we most watch. Couldn’t help thinking though, Why exactly did the 49ers get rid of this guy?

Why is that important? We suspect that Smith’s career models the arc of Kirk Cousins’ development.

Smith was the talk of the NFL Network this morning because the Chiefs won. It’s the privilege of winning. But Cousins did more to keep the Redskins in the game than Smith did for the Chiefs. Cousins had a higher QBR (90.3) and passer rating (116.7).  But then, he had to do that.

Smith had a 100-yard rusher in his backfield — surprise rookie super star rusher Kareem Hunt, a third-round Draft pick, the 86th player picked. Hunt had more carries for more yards than Rob Kelley, Samaje Perine and Chris Thompson combined for the ‘Skins. In fact, Cousins was Washington’s leading rusher.

Experience counts.

Smith has 140 game starts since 2005. His W-L record was 38-36-1 when San Francisco dumped him. Kansas City snapped up this gem and had the stones to sign him to a very team friendly contract in 2013 when it seemed unwise to do so.

Cousins with 45 game starts is the most experienced skill player of all of the ‘Skins offensive starters (hat tip to Vernon Davis who plays behind Jordan Reed). Kirk endures the criticisms that tormented Smith in ‘Frisco. Yet, Bruce Allen and Joe Theismann advise him to stick with Washington, the team that squandered multiple chances to sign him to a reasonable long-term deal. Smith thrived when he left the ‘Niners.

Josh Doctson, what are you doing?

I just know that nobody feels worse about their game performance than Josh Doctson.

Rational Me:  Doctson is in his “rookie” year, still getting used to NFL hits and speed. Maddening to see that drop though.

Angry me: You owe us one, kid. Big time!

The Petibon Stats

Former Redskins defensive coordinator Richie Petibon says the only two defensive stats he pays attention to are turnovers and third-down stats. How did we do?

Turnovers – None

Third-down stops – The Chiefs converted 8 of 13 third-down attempts (63%)

Kansas City had 29 total first downs. Thus, they controlled the clock over 37 minutes. Yet there were encouraging signs. The defense flashed pass pressure and it came from the front seven. The unit laid eight QB Hits and three of four sacks on Smith. This is a better unit than last year. That might make a difference on a less worth opponent. There are a few of those left on the schedule.

There were so many injuries on the secondary, we thought the next man up would be the water boy. Now comes news that CB Josh Norman fractures a rib.

We all need a Bye right now.

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