What Is The Death Line Up For The Minnesota Timberwolves

What Is The Death Line Up For The Minnesota Timberwolves


What Is The Death Line Up For The Minnesota Timberwolves

 The Death Lineup

The NBA is changing, superstars are banding together like never before. With these superstars joining each other we are witnessing teams like never before.

The philosophy of death lineups has grabbed the league by storm. LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh were the original death lineup.

Add Ray Allen and many believed that was a lineup that couldn’t be stopped. They were followed by a Golden State Warriors first squad of Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Andre Iguodala and Draymond Green.

So how did they top that? Golden State went out and signed Kevin Durrant and we witness the new and improved death lineup.

Now no team has matched this lineup but many have put together one of their own. I put up an article on theunderdogsworldhoops.com breaking down some of these new lineups.

Check that out but for now, we are going to talk about the Minnesota Timberwolves, who could potentially have two of them.

Who’s In

Minnesota roster could challenge plenty NBA teams this season. Andrew Wiggins, Jimmy Butler and, Karl-Anthony Towns are three players who are a challenge for any team.

Now throw in an All-Star in Jeff Teague and a multiple sixth man of the year winner in Jamal Crawford that’s one death line-up to give coaches nightmares.

Butler has the defense and strength to guard power forwards but poses a real threat to them on offense. Wiggins is an offensive star and has proven he can get buckets on almost anyone.

Adding Crawford next to him at the shooting guard spot with the ability to pass and create his own shot will give Wiggins plenty of scoring opportunities.

Teague is a key component in the lineup he isn’t a great three-point shooter but can hit them. His true talent though will be his pick and roll. Teague could run it with Wiggins, Butler and, most importantly Towns.

Towns would prosper from the ability to go one on one with his man in the post where he’s proven that even two people can’t stop him. If a team sends a double in this lineup he has plenty of options.

Both Wiggins and Butler improved their shot from deep and we’ve seen Teague and Crawford hit it from deep.

Now I mentioned that Minnesota could throw out an alternative lineup as well and that would be swapping Teague for Shabazz Muhammad.

Thibodeau could run a Crawford, Wiggins, Butler, Muhammad, Towns line-up and really put pressure on teams.

Shabazz gets buckets! Yes, he struggles with passing but in this lineup, we would see point Butler running the show.

Towns can stretch the floor and Bazz who receive space to go to work in the post. Bazz also improved his deep range shooting to space the floor.

I prefer this lineup for the defensive potential that could come from it and imagine a Bazz, Wiggins, Towns fast beak with Butler running and Crawford trailing.

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