GM survey: Kyrie trade was shocking, Tatum will be good

GM survey: Kyrie trade was shocking, Tatum will be good

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GM survey: Kyrie trade was shocking, Tatum will be good

The annual GM survey is out (or rather “annual survey of GM’s and some of their assistants who submit the survey in the GM’s name). Among them are the usual predictions…. Golden State will be the champ, LeBron the MVP, Kawhi the best defender… but there were a few that involved our Boston Celtics.

What was the most surprising move of the offseason?

1. Boston-Cleveland trade – 45%

2. Paul George to Oklahoma City – 24%

3. Chris Paul to Houston – 14%

This seems right. Kyrie coming to Boston… or even deciding he wanted out of Cleveland at all… is still a bit shocking. It’s still going to take some getting used to.

This offseason has been so wild it has completely overshadowed what we thought was one of the biggest offseason bombs in recent memory… Chris Paul deciding he’s leaving the Clippers and demanding to go to Houston. Now it’s a distant memory… lost in a sea of player movement madness.

Kyrie was also fourth in the “which one player acquisition will make the biggest impact?” answers with 7%. 25% of GM’s said Boston had the best overall moves this offseason (behind OKC’s 43%).

Someone mentioned Hayward to Boston was the most surprising move this summer. I assume that came from Utah because no one else is shocked that Hayward would choose to reunite with Brad Stevens.

Also of note:

Which rookie will be the best player in five years?

1. Josh Jackson, Phoenix – 24%

2. Markelle Fultz, Philadelphia – 21%

Jayson Tatum, Boston – 21%

4. Lonzo Ball, L.A. Lakers – 14%

Ben Simmons, Philadelphia – 14%

If Tatum is at least as good as Fultz in five years, then Danny Ainge is a freakin’ genius. He had the balls to pull that move when most GM’s would make the safe pick. If that Lakers/Kings pick turns into something else, then we’re talking about a legendary move.

Tatum also got a vote for Rookie of the Year. If he gets actual ROY votes, the Celtics will be an NBA Finalist. Book it.

He was also mentioned by three GM’s as the biggest steal of the draft at his position.

Here’s where it gets weird:

Brad Stevens was mentioned in “Which head coach is the best manager/motivator of people?”

He was second (31%) when asked “Which head coach makes the best in-game adjustments?”

He was third (10%) when asked “Which head coach runs the best offense?”

He was sixth (3%) when asked “Which head coach has the best defensive schemes?”

Yet… Brad Stevens was not mentioned at all when GM’s were asked “who is the best head coach in the NBA?”

Allllllrighty then.

Other mentions: 

  • Jaylen Brown got a mention when asked “which player is most likely to have a breakout season in 2017-18?”
  • Marcus Smart got mentions when asked “who is the best perimeter defender in the NBA?” and “who is the toughest player in the NBA?”
  • Kyrie Irving got mentioned when asked “which player is the fastest with the ball?”
  • Kyrie was third (7%) when asked “which player would you want taking a shot with the game on the line?”

Read the whole GM survey here

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