Saints Nation Guru #5 – Bye... ehm...

Saints Nation Guru #5 – Bye... ehm...


Saints Nation Guru #5 – Bye... ehm...

Ok this is just a roundup of last weeks post. No new questions this week since the Saints are not playing. Keep an eye out for the questions in 1 weeks time.

First of all… I WAS THERE! For those who do not care about yours truly skip to the leaderboard. This weekend was probably the best of all Saints fan. My first game ever, a 20-0 shutout, I met a whole bunch of great Saints fans. And this: I got to meet and walk around the players in the Friends and Family area.

Imagine if you will; there are no “meet the Saints” events for me. When I am going to the US (and I will) I’ll be going during the regular season to watch a game. There are no off-season activities planned then. I’ve been a Saints fan for 9 years and the Saints are an ever growing a part of my daily life. To experience this was more then a dream come true. I got to meet Morstead and a whole lot of his family. Big thanks to them. They are all awesome people. Now I know how and why Thomas became such a great human being and player.

Fair enough to say I did!

I could talk for hours about my experience, but since it is personal you are probably not that excited or jealous I’ll stop here. One more thing, I can confirm Petersons handshake is impressive.

So back to the Guru. Last week I made an error. The tie-breaker question was the yards allowed by the Saints. Somehow I looked in the wrong column and that meant I had the wrong numbers. The correct answer was 288. Thanks for pointing that out El Imanov. I am only human. That meant El Imanov was only 8 yards off. He was very close and does not get the Falcons cup. That was won by Micheal L. Stolfi. Sorry bro! You get to enjoy that for 2 weeks now. For the Guru that still means Chris Smith was the winner.

So; it WAS a first that one person lead both boards. But it was Micheal instead.

This weeks answers; Kikaha did not get a Sack. Crawley… Ehm. Stupid broadcast does not show the starting lineup (as far as I can see). Figuring, since PJ was not starting because of a disciplinary reason he must have. So I will go “Yes” there. Hell YES Kamara scored his 2nd regular season TD! I did not start him in my fantasy and lost by 2 points… No longer undefeated! Thomas Got the most yards receiving and for the tie-breaker; Peterson had 4 touches.

The winner; with 3 good answers and the closest overall to the Tie-breaker it is Micheal L. Stolfi! This guy… He is ofte very close! He won the Pre-season one and now has his second Guru title in 4 weeks. I hope this makes up for my correction of last week earlier. Only 1 person had the least correct answers, 1. And that was Tim Pearson.

That concludes in this weeks leaderboard. As said, no questions. Check that out next week!

The leaderboard:

Saints Nation Guru

  1. 2 Guru title:
    Micheal L. Stolfi (2)
  2. 1:
    El Imanov
    Chris Smith

Falcons Cup

  1. 1 Falcons cup:
    Joseph Lopez
    Andrew Juge
    Micheal L. Stolfi
    Tim Pearson

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