Sox Force Game 4 With Must Have Win!

Sox Force Game 4 With Must Have Win!


Sox Force Game 4 With Must Have Win!

The Red Sox had their back against the wall as the came into Game 3 at Fenway Park.   The Sox were in a win or go home scenario as the Astros has won the first two games of the series.   The Sox went down early as starter Fister struggled, but the Sox bats and a phenomenal performance from David Price out of the pen ended up with a win for the Sox.   The Sox now head to Game 4 which will take place on Monday at 1pm, if Mother Nature will let the two teams get the game in.

Doug Fister followed suit with the rest of the Sox starters by giving up multiple runs in the 1st inning.  Fister gave up an RBI single to Reddick and then a 2 run homer to Correa.   Sox 0-3.  Things looked bleak out of the gate for the Sox.  Fister went back out for the 2nd and with two on and only one out, Farrell made the move.   Fister was out and Joe Kelly was in the game.  Kelly got through the inning with a lot of help from Mookie Betts who robbed Josh Reddick of a homer in right field.   The Sox got their first run of the game in the 2nd when Peacock gave up an RBI single to Sandy Leon.   Sox 1-3.

Kelly went back out and pitched a scoreless 3rd inning and then the Sox offense really got cooking.  Hanley Ramirez hit an RBI single and then Rafael Devers put the Sox out in front with a 2 run homer to the bleachers.  Sox 4-3.  David Price came out of the pen and continued his dominance in the last month or so.  Price gave the Sox 4 solid innings of relief and kept the home team in the lead.   Price didn’t look like a guy who had issues in October yesterday.  In the bottom of the 7th, the Sox got their bats cooking again and put this game away.  Ramirez hit a 2 run RBI double followed by an RBI single from Devers.  The Sox weren’t done yet though as Jackie Bradley Jr. hit a ball that looked like Josh Reddick could get in right field, but instead he pushed the ball into the stands for a 3 run homer.   Sox 10-3.  Reddick got a 3 run homer of his own robbed by Mookie and then he couldn’t do the same to JBJ.  Addison Reed came out of the pen to pitch a scoreless 8th inning and then Carson Smith pitched a scoreless 9th.   The Sox not only won, but were able to battle back and dominate the Astros.   This win gave the team some much needed life.   Mother Nature aka a heck of a lot of rain may have a say in when and how Game 4 is played, but the Sox still have life.

Red Sox 10  Astros 3  BOXSCORE

WP: Kelly (1-0)  LP: Liriano (0-1)

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