How to Stream Live NBA Matches?

How to Stream Live NBA Matches?


How to Stream Live NBA Matches?

The regular season of National Basketball Association (NBA) had finished with the finale in June, 2017. After a long battle between different teams, Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers made it to the ultimate showdown.

The rivalry was a fierce one which grew in the past seasons. It is the third time since 2015 that they both met in the finals. Both teams had one championship under their belt till 2016 but Golden State Warriors managed to seal it to their end winning the final in 2017.

Given the fact that NBA culture is spreading lately, many viewers subscribe to expensive cable services to watch their favorite teams turn the game. Here we will guide you to stream live NBA matches online.

Use broadcasting channels

Various broadcasters offer live streaming of NBA matches like cable TV subscriptions. You can subscribe to official broadcasters like ESPN, ABC, TNT and FOX to enjoy the game but keep one thing in mind that you will face geo-restrictions. However these can also be overcome through VPNS and enjoy unlimited basketball streaming.

Use online league pass

NBA league pass can give you access to live games, scores, real-time statistics and latest updates from games. The cross-platform ability gives you access to watch games on Android, iOS, PlayStation, Xbox and more. The video quality offered is also exceptional. However there are two things you must take into consideration before purchasing league pass:

Many games on league pass are blacked out. There is a broadcasting agreement which blacks out coverage of matches being played by local teams. Given this situation, VPN is a top-notch solution which hides your location and giving you access to locations where live coverage is available.

Prices of NBA league pass differs from region to region. VPN hereby allows you to save money as well. You can change your virtual location allowing you to get passes at relatively lower prices.

Sling TV

This is a top-notch cable alternative. If you are not to access NBA live mobile basketball APK, then Sling offers live streaming of several channels like TNT and ESPN where you can enjoy the game.

However there is a downside. You will have to pay a fee to use this platform. There are also geo-restrictions as it is exclusively for people in the US. Again, VPN comes to the rescue. Just change your virtual location and enjoy.


NBA finals are something can true sportsmen cannot miss. With teams like GSW and Cavs, the game has become interestingly popular in recent times. Even some of the best android sports games have tended to feature these basketball teams. But unfortunately there are some geographical restrictions imposed on online streaming facility. We live in a world where there is always a way out. You can always consider different alternatives like going for a VPN.

Given the fact that basketball is a game that cannot be missed under any circumstances, make sure the options work out for you or else you can always visit a local sports bar.

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