#RaceToQBMountain Week 7 Preview by @rich_fann

#RaceToQBMountain Week 7 Preview by @rich_fann

Buffalo Wins

#RaceToQBMountain Week 7 Preview by @rich_fann

Welcome to Week Seven of the Hugo-award finding QB Mountain watch list.

Last Week Thoughts

As always, if you want a little analytics with your chat, PFF has a great roundtable looking at that side of the ledger for the gents we discuss #onhere.

Out of last week’s results, Baker Mayfield and Oklahoma’s loss loomed the largest. That flag plant was a doozy. Iowa State – my goodness that was nice.

NFL Team Check ins:

We’re now down to 3 teams that are 0-er (Cleveland, New York Giants and San Francisco) and 2 teams that have 1 win (Chicago and the L.A. Chargers) – meaning there are presumably 3/5 of those teams that could take a quarterback if they’re in the top five. At this point I’m anticipating – barring an injury to Taylor or McCoy – somewhere between 6-9 wins. Make of that what you will!

Games to Watch this Weekend: (All times EST)


Wazzu at Cal (10:30pm, ESPN) – Luke Falk vs Cal should be another points-are-everywhere sort of game. I’ll have it DVR’d to watch in the morning, as my high school coaching (Go Wolverines!) will take precedence.


Boston College at Louisville (12:20pm, ACC Network) – Lamar Jackson needs a bounceback game stat wise – and BC should be just what the doctor ordered.

Auburn at LSU (3:30pm, CBS) – Stidham against LSU’s defense – coupled with Canada’s LSU Offense versus Auburn – should be fun.

Oklahoma at Texas (3:30pm, ESPN) – The Red River Rivalry this year features an Oklahoma reeling from a flag-planting loss and Texas is more than happy to host their forever rivals in such a condition. Mayfield, what do ya have now?

Baylor at Oklahoma State (3:30pm, FS1) – Hang a half hundred on ’em Cowboys. For the culture.

Charlotte at Western Kentucky / Wyoming at Utah State (4:30pm, GOOD LUCK) – Double bonus of “GOOD LUCK” games, in terms of TV Coverage and mehness of sid games.

UCLA at Arizona (9pm, Pac-12 Network) – The Chosen one versus RichRod. Hachi. Machi.

That’s it for this week. Tweet us and let us know if we’ve missed a QB you’ve had your eyes on!

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