MISSING: Ken Griffey Junior's Bat

MISSING: Ken Griffey Junior's Bat

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MISSING: Ken Griffey Junior's Bat

Throughout his 22-year big league career, pitchers did everything they could to try and get the bat out of Ken Griffey Junior’s hands.

Little did they know, all it would take is a hacksaw.

Tuesday, Seattle Mariners fans noticed something odd…the bigger-than-life statue of their bigger-than-life superstar was missing the bat that helped him hit 630 home runs.

Junior was inducted into baseball’s Hall of Fame in 2016. This past April, the Mariners unveiled his statue outside Safeco Field.


“If there’s one thing you don’t do in Seattle, Washington, it’s mess with the statue of Ken Griffey, Junior, the savior of baseball,” the guy who chased down the alleged vandal said. “I knew that I needed to at least get the guy arrested, and hopefully they can repair the statue and get Ken back where he needs to be at 100 percent.”


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